Museum of the Bible

 When I was on site last week, I had the chance to review the supplemental acoustic treatment installation in the 4th Floor HOTB Gallery.  I would like to express how thoroughly impressed I was with the detail and completeness of this install.  It went above and beyond our minimum requirement, and this will have a direct beneficial effect on the overall quality of sound in those parts of the Gallery.

Hopefully, I can shake the hand of your subcontractor who led this effort and truly share our appreciation by letting him know that I consider this to be a textbook example of retrofitting sound-absorptive treatment onto an existing ceiling.  We expect to use this example in the future to a lot of existing facilities troubled by bad acoustics, so they can visualize what is possible.

Steve Hass, Founder & President
SH Acoustics, LLC

US Food and Drug Administration

 For the last several weeks MMA's Team with your leadership, Engineer, and Field Team worked with Clark in expediting the lab ceiling remediation work and allowed FDA to start their recertification process on time.

Clark, GSA, and FDA are appreciative of MMA's efforts and accomplishments to date.

- Lincoln Lawrence, Project Executive
Clark Construction Company


I just wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for the great job that [Manganaro's superintendent] did out here at Inova Women's and Children's Hospital project the past 2 years. He was a true team partner and team member and really helped me drive the project forward on schedule. He worked very well with me and the MEP subs to develop and successfully implement the SIPS schedule. He was an active team member and always looked out for the best interests of the project and was vocal when he saw issues coming or even bringing safety issues to my attention. On top of that he has a keen eye for quality and really ensured that Manganaro's work was installed with high quality the first time. With all of the curves and elliptical bulkheads on this project I never once got a comment from the owner or architect about a wavy line or poor quality of the drywall work. [He]is a true asset to your company and I would love to work with [him]again in the future. I really enjoyed working with the rest of your team as well. They did a great job supporting [him] and our entire team in meeting our project goals. We would not be in the position we are today with a successful early turnover to Inova without a such strong team from Manganaro.

Ben Lord, Construction Executive
Clark Construction Group, LLC

Arent Fox, LLP

What a huge accomplishment across the board, congratulations to all! 

I think we all knew at the beginning of the job how this special space's unique and beautiful design and its details would be different from anything we had ever constructed before, but the level of quality and attention to detail delivered by each of your companies cemented each of your respective positions as deserving of recognition.

Please extend our appreciation to all of your people with a special thank you to all the draftsmen and craftsmen who made this possible; early mornings, late evenings, weekends, coordination meetings, and dedicated commitment that made it all possible.

We look forward to celebrating this very deserving recognition with each of your companies in March at the awards ceremony, as well as building many more award-winning spaces with you through future projects yet to come.

Catroina Winter
Clark Construction Group, LLC

UMBC Performing Arts & Humanities Projet

"I have been in the business for 25 years and can honestly say Manganaro has employed one of the best carpenters I have had the pleasure to work with.  Not only has he taken on the challenges that Whiting-Turner has thrown his way, but has done the work expeditiously, with a focus on quality, and conscious of safety 100% of the time.  [He] also thinks of the next trades working behind whatever task he is completing so that his work does not hinder project work flow"

"Thanks again for sending Whiting-Turner the right carpenter and not one that simply fills a scope criteria."

Greg "Pooh" Sibol
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

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