At Manganaro, safety in all aspects of our jobs is the highest priority. With our comprehensive corporate communication system, I can oversee and coordinate the safety of our multiple trades at sites where we have masonry teams working with the drywall or restoration. This saves our client time by having a single point of contact for all safety issues. Additionally at Manganaro, we have improved our safety systems with new tablet and cell technologies to predict weather issues, communicate faster, and improve team member protection.

Mike Dihmes,
Director of Safety

Commitment to the safety of our employees and the teams with whom we work on each project has always been the highest priority for Manganaro Midatlantic. Over the last fifty-six years, we have developed focused, award-winning safety plans and company-wide systems to ensure that we are proactive in our safety measures managed by our dedicated Safety Director.

Our safety plan starts at the top. Our dedicated Safety Director answers only to the Senior Management of the company, who are aware of the day-to-day operations and involved with all required safety practices and how they are implemented. Manganaro’s “Safety Always” approach and management mandates are invaluable to the success of our safety program, and have been recognized consistently by our clients in providing them confidence in our team’s abilities to perform effectively and safely on each and every project.

The Manganaro Safety Plan includes:

  • Mandatory comprehensive safety orientations & trainings
  • Company Safety Handbook
    • General jobsite guidelines
    • Fall protection requirements
    • Hazard communication program
    • Consisten updates based upon the outcomes of our client feedback sessions, meetings, and roundtables
  • Thorough Q & A sessions with all team members to ensure understanding and application of the Manganaro Safety Plan
  • Regular, interactive management safety meetings including project managers, engineers, superintendents, foreman, and sub-foreman
  • Roundtables covering specific training items which are prioritized through the input from our clients
  • Mandatory OSHA training items which are prioritized through the input from our clients
  • Manganaro Midatlantic's comprehensive "Safety & Traning Manual" is given to all supervisors managing projects to equip them with the necessary tools to assess concerns quickly and efficiently, allowing them to address the hazard as quickly as possible
  • Manganaro Midatlantic’s Safety Manager walks every project with the site foreperson for interaction and continued training
  • Onsite training sessions conducted by the safety manager address scaffold erectors, equipment operators, and other specialty trained personnel to expand and further jobsite safety
  • Routine communication is encouraged between project supervisors and the Safety Director for tasks that do not fit the general or normal site hazards.  All scenarios are explored and discussed for optimum Safety and Production benefits
  • Manganaro supervisors also attend outside training programs that look at the “Big Picture” concepts of safety vs. production and how they are intertwined
  • Weekly Toolbox Safety Talks and Daily Huddles enable Manganaro forepersons to meet with all team members prior to the start of the day at each of our worksites to discuss specific hazards in their areas and any safety concerns they may have for themselves or co-workers

Our Experience Modification Factor stands as testament to the commitment to safety in the Manganaro family.  At Manganaro, we work tirelessly to research safety and health updates to train and continually educate supervisors and employees to achieve our ultimate goal; that everyone goes home at the end of the day safe and healthy, ensuring the success of every project.