Baltimore Washington International Airport A/B Terminal

Location: Baltimore, MD
Client: Hensel Phelps Construction Company
Architect: URS

Manganaro Midatlantic was awarded the contract for the drywall and metal and acoustical ceilings for the construction of the new Terminal A and the renovation of the existing Terminal B at Thurgood Marshall Baltimore/Washington International Airport.  The complex project was made even more difficult by being situated in the main traffic paths for both land and air traffic at the facility.

It was one of the most technically demanding of our projects for many reasons. First, the stud framing proved to be extremely difficult as we had to coordinate with post-9/11 standards for baggage handling equipment and security. Additionally, light gauge studs framed two, high exterior soffits with an overall radius line of 1,200 feet. A 50,000 square foot, corrugated metal ceiling spans the food court areas and the entrances to the two concourses. This ceiling was not only built on a radius, but also sloped both vertically and horizontally. Concentric drywall bulkheads  were built to intersect the ceiling throughout.  Field measurements, trade coordination, and proper grid alignment played major factors in the succesful completion of this ceiling.

When completed in time for its scheduled opening, the project included over 208 miles of metal framing and 1,125,000 sf of gypsum board.