More Accolades for Manganaro Midatlantic

Manganaro Midatlantic, LLC has been recognized by ABC Baltimore Metro Chapter for two outstanding projects the were completed in 2012.  

In the Interiors category, we were saluted for the drywall and acoustical ceilings package at the Performing Arts and Humanities Facility project at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. 

The scope of work performed by Manganaro included structural studs, sheathing and the air/vapor barrier at the exterior walls, interior drywall partitions, acoustic and specialty ceilings, rough carpentry and veneer plaster.

A performing arts center has many inherent design features that challenge drywall and acoustical contractors, and this was no exception.  Some of the challenges that Manganaro faced were:

• Far from being a square box, the Radial Design of the building led to the need for complicated design of many of the light gauge metal framing components.  Some of these included high walls built with single steel studs that were 40 feet long.  The construction of these walls required a high degree of oversight and quality control attention by our foreman in the field.
•  Performance and rehearsal spaces require highly detailed approaches to sound isolation.  Project specific acoustic details required a strict attention to detail to ensure all acoustically sensitive performance areas were built to the quality expected.
• Auditorium Acoustical Cloud Framing required some creative engineering to develop a design that would fulfill the original intent, while supporting the materials required to attach to it.
• Managing this change order process on this job,  which required exact attention to detail and very stringent acoustic performance requirements was an arduous process, requiring additional supervision dedicated to the layout process.  This large amount of added and changed scope was particularly challenging to complete while still maintaining the original schedule.   At its conclusion, the project team had processed more than 1100 RFI’s and more than 200 ASI’s.

The result is a facility that beautifully serves the students and community of the UMBC, and is one that Manganaro and its craft professionals are proud to have been a part of.

The second award was for the masonry and stone facade repairs and restoration at the historic B&O Warehouse and Station at Camden Yards.  Years of exposure had subjected the buildings to significant deterioration. Manganaro's team of restoration professionals performed the following repairs to the buildings:

  • Brownstone repairs
  • Granite Dutchman repairs
  • Sand mastic repairs
  • Concrete and rebar repair
  • Tuck pointing of joints
  • Removal of window anchors in the façade
  • Removal of miscellaneous anchors in the façade
  • Demolition of brick and installation of new copper flashing system at all roof mechanical house locations – 11 in total
  • Caulking – windows and control joints
  • Brick sealant installation
  • Biological growth removal/washdown
  • Excavation and installation of new drainage system and foundation waterproofing
  • Removal and replacement of historic cobblestones

Having the opportunity to participate in a project focused on performing masonry, stone and waterproofing repairs to a landmark historic structure inspired a sense of pride in our team. Though tasked with performing an assortment of complex activities, many of which were influenced by accommodating other construction trades working nearby, the focus of accomplishing the assignment on schedule - well before opening day for the Orioles 2012 season – is cause to celebrate a job well done.