concrete and masonry restoration

Watergate West Condominium  Watergate West Condominium

Manganaro Restoration Services provides services focused on restoring and enhancing the value of your existing assets. Recognizing the unique differences between restoration construction and that of new ground-up construction, Manganaro optimizes the pre-construction planning process with comprehensive project scope analysis. With a focus on project site safety, Manganaro understands that areas adjacent to and around the work site will involve occupied structures and therefore emphasizes pedestrian and vehicular safety measures. Additionally, special attention is given to the efficient scheduling and phasing of the work in order to minimize any interruptions to the use of the owner's property. We take special care to implement procedures and processes which ensure excellent communication between contractor, engineer/architect, and owner prior to project start-up.

Manganaro Restoration Services include structural concrete repair solutions including crack repairs using epoxy injection, spall repairs, post-tensioned strand repairs and corrosion control using cathodic protection. These repairs are necessary due to corrosion of reinforcing steel, thermal movement in the structure, or other types of deterioration mechanisms. Prompt repair of corrosion and structural issues is vital in preventing catastrophic failures of existing structural elements.

Masonry repair solutions include tuck pointing, façade stabilization, brick replacement, shelf angle repair and replacement, and joint installation.

Strengthening solutions include section enlargement, carbon fiber installation, external post-tensioning, span shortening, and structural stabilization. Many times these repairs are the result of a change in use of an existing structure, or defects during the design and construction of new structures. Our strengthening capabilities can provide a unique opportunity to general contractors and frame contractors to fix a problem in the field more cost effectively and much faster than alternative resolutions.

Building envelope solutions include waterproofing, repair of flashings, water and vapor barriers, sheathing, fenestration modifications, and cladding repairs. These repairs may be necessary in existing structures of any age, including new construction settings. Design or construction defects during the installation of building envelope components, such as flashing or water and vapor barriers, can lead to issues in the water tightness of a structure which could contribute to mold, termite damage, and water leakage issues for the building’s owner. Manganaro can provide cost effective and schedule sensitive solutions to these issues.

Waterproofing and protection solutions include application of waterproof coatings and sealers, expansion joint replacement, leak and crack repairs, façade cleaning and protection, and chemical grouting. Protection of new and existing structures is a proactive method of preventing repairs in the future.