With 34 years in management here at Manganaro Midatlantic, our continuous growth is a reflection of our management team’s ability to listen, organize, respond, and execute efficiently. We work hard to grow our business as well as grow the skills of our team. Our management team has invested in additional training and management coordination and our clients are satisfied with the results.

Robert Coyle,
Director of Operations for Manganaro

Manganaro Midatlantic, LLC is a subcontracting firm that is specialized in quality concrete and masonry restoration, new masonry, drywall and acoustical ceiling work in all types of commercial and governmental construction and restoration projects since 1958.

Manganaro offers a unique, single-source combination of products that allows you to more effectively manage your construction schedules and coordinate manpower, materials, and equipment with confidence based in our proven project management system. With a workforce of over 700 highly skilled craftspeople, and the most experienced, well-trained management staff in the industry, Manganaro has the ability to take on the most complex, schedule-intensive projects.  

Our senior and project management staff includes more than 30 graduate engineers, many with advanced degrees, and our field construction force is managed by a team of construction field managers who average over 20 years of experience in the masonry and drywall business. At the project level, each job is staffed by multiple trade foremen and sub-foremen, who report directly to the field managers with a core focus on cooperation, communication, safety, and integrity. 

Throughout our fifty-six years of success in working in partnership with our clients and other subcontractor teams, we have developed our system so that every Manganaro team member is able to meet your needs and can proactively attain the results needed to complete every project on time and on budget.  

As a single-source provider of Drywall, Masonry, and Restoration Services, we are able to minimize your management time and maximize results through our comprehensive systems, highly-trained teams, and unique, results-oriented approach. 

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and Build Best, Together through the following service divisions.